Raja Ampat


The east part of Indonesia offers lots of hidden beautiful places on which lush nature and majestic islands reside. Raja Ampat District is not an exception. It is located in West Papua Province and has gained better popularity these days (among travelers). Featuring tons of islands, tourists often come to the site to do island hopping and other fun activities like photography, honeymoon, nature exploration, and much more. The name means “Empat Raja” or Four Kings, actually. It is represented by its 4 major islands called Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo, and Misool. All of them are worth a visit, for sure.

MEETING POINT Dominique Edward Osong Airport – Sorong
BOOKING PERIOD January 2019 – December 2020
Wayag 1 & 2 Pianemo
Arborek Yenbuba
Pasir Timbul Sarpele Village
Friwen Wall Sawingdarek
Kali Biru Star Lagoon
The Face Stone Sapurkren Village
Saleo Beach Sorong City
Kabangka Cave Kabui Bay
AC Comfortable Private Car
Accomodation Homestay / Cottage
Meals as program : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (No Alcohol drink)
English speaking Guide
Mineral Water everyday
Return tickets for crossing boats to Wasai from Sorong city
Underwater guide & Complete snorkeling equipment
Raja Ampat Conservation Fee
Private Speedboat during the trip
All entrance tickets
Airplane ticket from origin city
Domestic airplane ticket to Sorong City
Travel Insurance
Airport taxes and Baggage Surcharge
Personal expenses
Things not mentioned above
Mosquito repellent
Hat or Umbrella
Sandal or comfortable shoes for trekking
Personal medicines
Rika – 0813 1010 0544
Yocke – 0817 900 4040



Day 1 :

  • Pick up at Dominique Edward Osong Airport and heading to Port of Sorong

  • Crossing to Waisai Raja Ampat by KM Marina/KM Bahari Express (AC)

  • Arrive in Waisai Raja Ampat Port. We will take you directly to your homestay for check in

  • Lunch

  • Start a city tour and we will visit WTC beach, “Selamat Datang” Monument, and strolling around Waisai City

  • We will go back to homestay and free time


Day 2 :

  • We directly start the journey to explore Raja Ampat’s iconic, Wayag Yang ; Wayag Island is one of the islands within the Raja Ampat district in the province of West Papua. The island is known for its beautiful atolls and amazing underwater life covering a total area of 155,000 hectares, about 383,013.3 acres. Here, you find pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the sea. Along these beaches, tourists can see fairy tale panorama, more captivating than Leonardo DiCaprio’s getaway in “The Beach”. The crystal clear waters around Wayag Island appear like unreal windows to various types of flora and fauna that live underwater.

  • We will visit Serpelei Village. Guide will ask for permission before entrance the village

  • We will visit Pos Wayag and feeding sharks while guide make a visiting report

  • Lunch and take a rest

  • Trekking Wayag Peak 1

  • Trekking Wayag Peak 2

  • We will go back to homestay


Day 3 :

  • Start the journey to Sawingrai
  • Continue to pianemo. Trekking to the summit of Pianemo Peak ; Pianemo Island is worth an exploration. Hiking becomes the most popular thing to do, after all. Thanks to the existence of several karst hills, on which tourists can climb. The thing is everyone should be careful when hiking, as the landscape is considered uncomfortable and slippery. Not to mention sharp stones are scattered there. That means tourists can get hurt for being careless when exploring the karst hills. With a little bit effort and awareness, they can reach the top of the hills, though. The views have got no parallel, for sure.
  • We will visit Telaga Bintang (Star Lagoon), hike up to see a lagoon in the shape resembling a five pointed star ; Like the name suggests, it has the shape of a star, seen from above. The nearby islands surround the cape, so it creates a shape of such star. In order to witness it clearly, tourists need to climb the hills first. It takes some efforts, indeed. As for the tip, they need to perform hiking in the morning, when the temperature is nice and the sun is warm. At least, they won’t get tired easily when climbing the hill.
  • Visit Arborek for lunch, snorkeling and also strolling around Arborek Village
  • Sawingdarek for snorkeling
  • Visit Yenbuba for snorkeling
  • Visit Pasar Timbul for walking around beach and taking a photo
  • Back to homestay and free time

Day 4 :

  • Start the journey to visit Mayalibit Bay

  • Visit waterfall

  •  Visit Kali Biru ;

    One of the beauties in Raja Ampat, West Papua is Kalibiru. The clear blue water really tempts the traveler to swim there. Traveling in Raja Ampat is not only about seeing the sea and the beach, if a traveler wants to explore the forest a little there is a tourist destination that is still not much touched. One example is Kalibiru in the Gulf region of Mayalibit. As the name implies, Kalibiru is a river with a unique crystal blue water flow.

  • Visit Goa Kabangka (Kabangka Cave)

  •  Lunch at Kabangka Cave and take some rest

  • Heading back to homestay. Get some rest.


Day 5 :

  • Start the journey to visit Teluk Kabui (Kabui Bay)

  • Visit Batu Pensil for taking some pictures

  • Visit Batu Wajah (The Face Stone)

  • Visit Mayafun. We also Hike to the top of the hill

  • Visit Friwen Beach and lunch

  • Visit Batu Lima (Five Stone) for snorkeling

  •  Visit Friwen Wall for snorkeling

  •  Heading back to homestay and Get some rest and free time


Day 6 :

  • Start the journey to Sapurkren Village to see Birds of Paradise

  • Take some rest at Sapurkren Homestay

  • Visit Saleo Beach and relax

  • Shopping at Raja Ampat Souvenir Shop


Day 7 :

  • Checkout and heading to Waisai Port

  • Back to Sorong by KM Marina/KM Bahari Express (AC)

  •  Arrive in Port of Sorong and shopping at Souvenir Shop

  •  Transfer to hotel and freetime


Day 8 :

  • After breakfast free time, until transfer to airport for return to home country

    Thanks for your visit to Indonesia. See you next time.

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