BALI, Tana Toraja, Yogyakarta
12 Days 11 Nights

Indonesia is a huge nation comprised of hundreds of cultures derived from local regions, making it one of the most diverse countries in the world. Explore the unique culture and heritage of each region in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, This city was the seat of power that produced the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan in the 8th and 9th century and the new powerful Mataram kingdom of the 16th and 17th century. Yogyakarta was known with the slogan of “ Jogja Istimewa “, a tagline that elaborates its special values.
This city is one of the foremost cultural centers of Indonesia. From strolling through the living museum of The Kraton or The Keraton (Sultan’s Palace), to hanging out at the famous Alun Alun, to watching silversmiths produce amazing jewelry at Kotagede and maybe try a splurge shopping up at Malioboro road.

Tana Toraja is safely protected beyond the lofty mountains and rugged granite cliffs of the central highlands of the island of Sulawesi and the home of the Toraja people. ‘Discovered’ and opened to the world from their long isolation only since the beginning of the last century, the Toraja today still adhere to their age-old beliefs, rituals and traditions, although many of her people are modernized or have embraced Christianity. The nobility of Toraja are believed to be descendents of heavenly beings who came down by a heavenly stairway to live here on earth in this beautiful landscape. To keep up the energy of the land and its people, the Toraja people believe that these must be sustained through rituals that celebrate both life and death, which are attached to the agricultural seasons. Tourists to Toraja, therefore, are either attracted by its unique culture and rituals, most of which are mostly centered around graves and death ceremonies. While others prefer to avoid the morbid images and go trekking through the spectacular, almost untouched Toraja countryside visiting remote villages.

As the ultimate vacation island in Indonesia, Bali will definitely pamper you with everything that will indulge your every sense. From mouthwatering cuisines, refreshing spa treatments, to amazing golf sessions and more, Bali is truly your personal paradise. Many people come to Bali to escape from the hustle and to finally find peace from its nature and culture. Some people would say that Bali offers a complete package of tourism destination; beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and amazing cultures.

MEETING POINT Adisutjipto Airport-Yogyakarta
BOOKING PERIOD January 2019 – December 2020
Borobudur Temple Pramabanan Temple
The Kraton Makassar
Tempe Lake Toraja
Palawa Batutumonga
Pura Taman Ayun Lake Bratan
Tanah Lot Elephant Cave
Gunung Kawi Lake Batur
Besakih Uluwatu
AC Comfortable Private Car
10 nights Accommodations
Meals as program : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (No Alcohol drink)
English speaking Guide
Mineral Water everyday
Private Boat Lake Tempe
Airplane domestic ticket (Yogyakarta/Makassar/Bali)
All entrance tickets
Airplane ticket from origin city
Travel Insurance & Airport taxes and Baggage Surcharge
Airplane domestic ticket (Yogyakarta/Makassar/Bali)
Personal expenses
Juice/Beer at the local restaurant & Things not mentioned above
Mosquito repellent
Hat or Umbrella
Sandal or comfortable shoes for trekking
Personal medicines
Rika : +62 0813 1010 0544
Aziz : +66 92 516 2107



Day 1 :

  • Meeting service at Adisutjipto Airport-Yogyakarta

  • Transfer and check in the hotel, Free time to rest.


Day 2 :

  • Meeting service at Adisutjipto Airport-Yogyakarta . Arrival in Yogyakarta in early morning. We will spent the morning to visiting Prambanan temples, splendid jewels of Hindu culture in the island of Java. The gigantic historical site was built around the middle of the 9th century and the finesse of the sculptures make these temple is a true masterpiece of Hindu art. The original temple contained 244 temples arranged in eight sanctuaries.

  • Lunch at the restaurant

  • Transfer and check in the hotel, Free time to rest.

  • Having dinner. Overnight in Yogyakarta.


Day 3 :

  • The city of Yogyakarta is the cultural center of Java. It represents to the eyes of Javanese the symbol of resistance to colonial era. And to this day, the sultan enjoy great prestige, both political and symbolic, with the local population. In the middle of old city, we will going to  the Kraton, this huge palace of the Sultan where is around twenty-five thousand people reside. The golden pavilion, the royal gamelan or the devotion of the servants attest to the rooting of tradition in the city. We will discover the ancient baths of the Sultan, known as Taman Sari.

  • Lunch

  • We will going to Borobudur to discovering beautiful landscapes, the Merapi volcano pointing to the horizon. Borobudur was built in the 8th– 9th centuries, the Buddhist shrine of Borobudur is a huge three-dimensional mandala. Back to Yogyakarta.

  • Dinner at the restaurant. We will attend a Ramayana dance show.

  • Overnight in Yogyakarta.


Day 4 :

  • Transfer to the airport and flight to Ujung Pandang.
  • We will arrive in the old Makassar, renamed Ujung Pandang after the independence of Indonesia to stand out from the Dutch.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • In the afternoon, we will heading to Sengkang (about 190 km).
  • Having dinner. Overnight in Sengkang.

Day 5 :

  • This morning, we will discovering Bugis Ethnic. We will going to Tempe Lake band meet local people who lives in floating house by small boat.
  • We will heading to Toraja and arrive in the evening
  • Having dinner. Night in Rantepao.

Day 6 :

  • We will start the day to visiting the main sites in Toraja, the famous site  “dead on balconies”: spectacular tombs, lodged in the cliff at Lemo, funerary cellar of Londa, other royal tombs in Suaya. We will visit the Sanggala, in the south of Toraja, where the ancestor religion (Aluk Todolo) has remained the most alive, then we will visit the typical village Kete Kesu.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • Free time in the afternoon to rest.
  • Having dinner. Night in Rantepao.

Day 7 :

  • We will leave in the morning to discover the north of Toraja. Early in the morning, we will start visiting the traditional village of Palawa or Tobarana Sa’dan with their famous houses with the roofs of hulls.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • After that, we will heading to Lempo, it is located on the side of Mount Sesean (2,150 meters above sea level), then we will walking to Batutumonga, with a breathtaking view of the valley and the beautiful rice fields.
  • Having dinner. Night in Rantepao.

Day 8 :

  • In the morning we heading back to Ujung Pandang (about 8 hours drive).
  • Lunch at Pare-Pare.
  • Check in. Having dinner. Overnight in Ujung Pandang.

Day 9 :

  • Transfer to the airport and fly to Bali in the morning.
  • After that, we will going to Ubud, a small village of artists and artisans in the middle of the rice fields , Bali (about 40 km).
  • Check in hotel and lunch.
  • Free time in the afternoon to take rest
  • Having dinner. Overnight in Ubud.

Day 10 :

  •  In the morning, we will going to Mengwi, a small village. There is Pura Taman Ayun which was until 1891 is the main temple of the island. Built in 1634 and extensively renovated in 1937, it is unusual in its size and the moat is covered with lilies.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • In the afternoon, we will going the shores of Lake Bratan. We will visit the magnificent temple of Ulun Danu which floats on the peaceful waters of the lake. It is one of the most beautiful Hindu on the island.
  • We will heading to the prestigious temple of Tanah Lot, it is located by the sea. This sanctuary is one of the most venerated in the island, the most photogenic too! We can see the two towers of this temple perched on a green rock in the middle of the ocean; a temple of the sea also linked to Nirartha, priest of the sixteenth century.
  • Back to Ubud. Having dinner. Overnight in Ubud.

Day 11 :

  • We will visit Goa Gajah or “Elephant Cave”, buit around the 11th century and bearing traces of Hindu and Buddhist cults. Discovered in 1923, excavated in the rocky wall, it contains temples, statues and some basins. Not far from here, we will going to a sumptuous landscape, to the royal tombs of Gunung Kawi, one of Bali’s most magical sites. Although it is actually funerary monuments and not tombs, the prestige and popularity of the place have pushed the Balinese themselves, to called the site “the valley of the Balinese kings”.
  • We will going to the north of the island in the region of Lake Batur and its volcano, still active. We will cross an area of ​​rice terraces, among the most beautiful in Asia, and admire the panorama of Lake Batur and its volcano from the village of Penelokan near Kintamani.
  • Lunch at the restaurant.
  • In the afternoon, we will going to Besakih, perched at an altitude of 1,000 meters on the south-west side of Mount Agung, the highest (3,142 meters), east peak of Bali. It is the main temple of Bali, each district of the island and all the Gods are represented there. It is composed of about thirty temples built on seven terraces staged on the hillside.
  • We will attending a Balinese ballet show in the Ubud Royal Palace, then having dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 12 :

  • In the morning to enjoy the facilities of the hotel.
  • Lunch at the hotel.
  • In the afternoon, we will going to Badung Hill then visit another fascinating and original temple, Uluwatu.
  • Transfer to the airport

    Thanks for your visit to Indonesia. See you next time.

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