Literally, Sumba is also called Humba or Hubba, which means “real”. Some literatures also explain that the island rose to the surface of the ocean from the deep millions of years ago. The island now sits in the outside track of volcano ring of fire.
Sumba is quite a big island in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. The island is 10,710 km2 wide, and divided into 4 administrative regencies; East Sumba, Central Sumba, West Sumba, and Southwest Sumba.
There are two ways to step your feet to this island. By airplanes, Sumba has two airports which are UmbuMehangKunda in Waingapu, East Sumba, and Tambolaka airport in Southwest Sumba. Both airports serve domestic flights only. Trip duration is only about 1 hour from Bali and they have daily flights.
Sumba is pretty much known for its Pasola festival where horsemen from two opposing groups battle with spears. Here, time feels to stop as you can find megalithic tombs scattered all over the area. The island is also famous for its arts and handicrafts, particularly the textile “ikat” weaving.

If we are willing to make a little effort we can see an authentic, ancient culture that is not found elsewhere in the country.



BOOKING PERIOD January 2020 – December 2020
Weekuri Lake Mandorak Beach
Lendongara Hill Sumba’s Cultural Centre
Village of Ratenggaro Bwanna Beach
Waikelo Sawah Lapopu Waterfall
Praigoli Village Wairinding Hills
Persaudaraan Hill Tenau Hill Sunset
Tanggedu Waterfall Praiyawang Village
Waimarang Waterfall Puru Kambera Savannah
AC Comfortable Private Car
Accommodation at South West Sumba, West Sumba and East Sumba
Meals as program : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (No Alcohol drink)
English speaking Guide
Mineral Water everyday
All Entrance fees and donations
Airplane ticket from origin city
Domestic airplane ticket to Sumba
Travel Insurance
Airport taxes and Baggage Surcharge
Personal expenses
Things not mentioned above
PARTICIPANTS Minimum 7 person
Mosquito repellent
Hat or Umbrella
Sandal or comfortable shoes for trekking
Personal medicines
Rika – 0813 1010 0544
Yocke – 0817 900 4040



Day 1 :

  • Upon arrival at the airport of Tambolaka in Waitabula, meet and greet with our guide and we will begin the journey.
  • We will head to Weekuri Lake after lunch, a crystal clear lake that makes it a great place to swim and to relax. Spend some time in the lake for taking a short (or long) dip. Do not miss to walk around the rocks and reef where you can also see the Oceans from one side.
  • Next to the Weekuri Lake we will find Mandorak Beach, guarded with 2 huge rock ridges pointing to the middle and crystal clear water.
  • We will go back to the hotel área and visit Lendongara Hill for a sunset. (Please get your bag ready with towel and extra clothes as we might head here directly from the airport).

– Meals : Lunch

– Accommodation :

A. Sumba Hospitality Foundation (Bamboo Pavilion Room)

B. Mario Hotel (Standard Room)

C. Ella Hotel (Deluxe Room)


Day 2 :

  • Breakfast at hotel. The first visit will be museum of Rumah Budaya Sumba (Sumba’s cultural centre). It built in the style of a traditional Sumbanese house and surrounding grounds are dotted with Marapu stone carvings. Among other artefacts, the collection includes ikat, stone and wood carvings, traditional jewellery, and a handful of everyday items you can find here.

  • After that to village Ratenggaro in Kodi area. Here we will see the traditional high rooftops houses (actually the highest rooftops in whole Sumba) made all by hand and traditionally. This village is the only one of a few traditional villages left in the area, and while the village is just a compound of some houses, each house can accommodate up to 50 family members. On the harvesting season, however, most of the villagers will stay in their field to work and only leave the elders and child in the village.

  • Next we will drive to visit the Watulandong and Bwanna Beach where you can see the beautiful view of both beaches from one point. Going down on both of the beaches and can enjoy the beauty from a different point of view.

  • The beach of Bwanna is a long clear colorful. Enjoy the day at a quiet beach till the sunset and transfer back to the hotel.

    – Meals : Breakfast – Lunch Box


Day 3 :

  • After breakfast, we will go to West Sumba area. On the way we will make a stop in Waikelo Sawah, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of ricefield and wáter cave.

  • Our trip continues to the village Praijing, a traditional village uphill surrounded by lots of greenery. This is one of the few villages where we can actually have a beautiful overview of the entire village and draw an idea how the village is conducted. Take some time to walk around the village; the elders occupy most of the houses and kids are always around to share their smiles. Don’t forget to share candies!

  • Next on our adventure will be the Lapopu Waterfall. After a drive through the endless hilly and green landscape of Sumba, you will arrive nearby the waterfall. To visit the waterfall, you will need to do a small hike of approximately 15 minutes and cross a bamboo bridge to get there. There is a nice spot to sit down where you can watch the water find its way down the hill.

  • Then we will visit another village in West Sumba after lunch, to Praigoli Village, to see the Kajiwa Stone and Pasola Field. And not far from Praigoli village , we will visit Waigali village where located on top of a hill where we can see a spectacular view. Here we can see the Andung ( Scull Tree After that we back to your hotel in West Sumba

    Meals : Breakfast – Lunch

    – Accommodation :

    A. Rua Beach Resort (Deluxe Room)

    B. Rua Beach Resort (Standard Room)

    C. Morika Inn and Cafe (Standard Room)


Day 4 :

  • After breakfast, we will drive to Anakalang district in Central Sumba to visit Pasunga Village. The Pasunga village is a village just before you arrive at Waikabubak. The village is well known for its traditional Sumbanese houses and its graves. The roofs of the houses are made out of metal instead of the grass which you see normally there. You can found the big stone in this village.

  • Continue drive to “Bukit Wairinding”, which means; the Hills of Wairinding. There is a spot where the view into these hills is amazing. You will be looking at green and endless hills. Sit down for a while in the grass and enjoy the moment.

  • Then continuing to visit Prailliu Village. The unique thing of this village is that it is located in the middle of the city of Waingapu. This village has the traditional Sumbanese houses, and a gallery where you can find a lot of Ikat pattern and some souvenirs made by the local.

  • After that go to Persaudaraan Hill where you can see the stunning view of landscape Sumba.

  • The last stop will be Tenau Hill. Here you can watch the best view of sunset. When the sun has disappeared, we will go to the hotel where you can take a rest.

    Meals : Breakfast – Lunch

    Accommodation :

    A. Morinda Villa (Deluxe Room)

    B. Padadita Hotel (Superior Room)

    C. Padadita Hotel (Superior Room)


Day 5 :

  • Breakfast at hotel then drive to Savannah Puru Kambera. If you lucky, there are a lot of animals like horses, bufallos, cows and pigs.

  • After this we are heading to Tanggedu Waterfall, another beautiful waterfall in East Sumba. To get into this waterfall is not easy, 1 hour trekking, but the view that you will get along the way is amazing. Your lunch box will be prepared.

  • Next visit will be Prailian village, one of the most picturesque village in East Sumba. The village build in two rows and the houses have the traditional Sumbanese rooftops. The rooftop is not as high as traditional village in West Sumba, but the stone graves are very big and impressive.

    Meals : Breakfast – Lunch Box


Day 6 :

  • First we will visit Melolo Area to visit Praiyawang Village

  • Then continuing to Waimarang Waterfall, the though trek you will have to do to get down will be adventurous with in the end the waterfall. Don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes to here, because diving into the water will be great after the trek.

  • Then back to hotel to rest. The last stop today will be at Walakiri beach. We will be watching the sunset here while exploring the beach with its beautiful mangroves. Don’t hesitate and walk towards the small and magical trees which are growing inside the water.

    Meals : Breakfast – Lunch Box


Day 7 :

  • After breakfast, depend on your flight departure time, the driver will escort you to the airport (arranged by hotel).

    Meals : Breakfast

*Schedules might change due to weather or other conditions

Price Per Person in USD (Valid until 31 December 2020) :

Option A :

  • 1 pax  : 1.750 / pax
  • 2 pax  : 1.125 / pax
  • 3 – 6 pax  : 1.055 / pax
  • 7 – 9 pax  : 1.000 / pax
  • SS : 265

Option B :

  • 1 pax  : 1.595 / pax
  • 2 pax  : 1.055 / pax
  • 3 – 6 pax  : 975 / pax
  • 7 – 9 pax  : 925 / pax
  • SS : 200

Option C :

  • 1 pax  : 1.485 / pax
  • 2 pax  : 1.000 / pax
  • 3 – 6 pax  : 925 / pax
  • 7 – 9 pax  : 875 / pax
  • SS : 150

Payment & Policy :

  • 90 days or more before departure  : $ 700 / Person
  • 30 to 21 days before departure        : 50% of the package cost
  • 20 days or less before departure    : 100% of the package cost
  • If the cancellation is made by the participant, then the down payment cannot be refunded

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